Yet She is Advancing: New Orleans Women and the Right to Vote Exhibition


National Women’s Day, celebrated every year on August 9, is an occasion that highlights the fantastic contributions and breakthroughs of women around the world. It is a day held regarding the undying spirit of women throughout history and their struggles and accomplishments.

Yet She is Advancing: American Women and the Right to Vote

New Orleans is home to a lot of history, including that of amazing women. With National Women’s Day on the horizon, the Historic New Orleans Collection proudly presents one of their newest exhibits, “Yet She is Advancing: American Women and the Right to Vote.”

About the Exhibit

Artwork has been one of the main mediums of expression for hundreds of years. Many works not only aim to please the eye but to challenge norms and advocate for certain things subtly. This art exhibit showcases portraits and images of New Orleans women advocating for their right to vote as citizens of the United States. It features newspaper clippings from these days and other impactful pictures for all to see.

A Deeper Dive into the Issues of Segregation

Another issue the exhibit highlights is the challenges faced by black women during these times. Not only were they judged by their gender but the color of their skin. They also played a very significant role in the fight for women’s suffrage.

While white women were granted suffrage in 1920, black women continued to be discriminated against for almost 40 years. The exhibit portrays these years with powerful images of black and white women coming together to continue the fight for equality. In 1965, black women were finally allowed to vote.

Creating a Lasting Impact

The true essence of the Yet She is Advancing: New Orleans Women and the Right to Vote Exhibition is far more than its physical looks and presence. This exhibit captures the essence of women’s struggles and victories during the early to mid-1900s. It also aims to create conversations among people outside of the show, spreading the stories of the fantastic women portrayed in the exhibit.

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