Visit the Great American Alligator Museum of New Orleans While on Staycation


The Great American Alligator Museum of New Orleans is a one-of-a-kind attraction for a staycation. The museum brings visitors up close and personal with the relics and history of these incredible creatures.

About the Great American Alligator Museum

The Great American Alligator Museum resides on Magazine Street in the Lower Garden District. Its founders, Robert and Elizabeth McDade, are enthusiasts who established the museum because they wanted to share their passion for these fantastic reptiles. The museum’s hours are limited, so planning a staycation itinerary before is advisable.

The Museum’s entrance leads through a gift shop with alligator-themed items for sale. Past the curtains and into the actual museum, guests get to meet a nearly 14-foot-long taxidermied alligator who goes by the name Fideaux.

Every inch of the museum has alligator collectibles, including salt and pepper shakers, trucker hats, and other oddball collectibles. Some of the most exciting items include photographs from throughout history. Visitors will even find alligator-themed Mardi Gras costumes from years past.

The McDades collect more than physical objects. Whenever guests sporting alligator tattoos walk through the doors they are quick to ask for a photo. Soon there will be a space dedicated to photos of alligator-inspired ink.

The Great American Alligator Museum also has educational aspects, which makes it great for families on a staycation. Scholastic elements include alligator fossils and facts about the anatomy and habitat of alligators

History of the Great American Alligator Museum

The McDades came up with the idea because there wasn’t a dedicated alligator museum anywhere in the world. As avid alligator collectors with more than 30 years of experience, it made sense to open the first.

They spent a few years curating their alligator collection before displaying it publicly, but the couple was worried that someone else might open one before theirs could open. However, their fears were unfounded, and they successfully opened the world’s first alligator museum.

Initially, the museum would open occasionally, but they didn’t have a set schedule. Now that the collection is finished, the museum is open Thursday through Saturday between 3 and 5:30 p.m.

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