Visit JAMNOLA and Enjoy the City of New Orleans


JAMNOLA, short for Joy, Art, Music, New Orleans, is a deep and immersive art experience in New Orleans’ heart. Created by a team of local artists, JAMNOLA takes visitors through the city’s rich cultural history, showcasing the unique blend of art, music, and joy that defines this lively city.


At JAMNOLA, visitors can explore 17 immersive exhibits highlighting different aspects of New Orleans culture, from the city’s iconic Mardi Gras celebrations to its thriving music scene. All of its exhibits are carefully crafted to immerse visitors in a multi-sensory experience, allowing them to see, hear, and feel the magic of New Orleans.

JAMNOLA opened its doors in 2020 to allow visitors to explore the art, music, and people of New Orleans. The multi-room art installation is the brainchild of Jonny Liss and Chad Smith.

“I wanted to create a tribute to the city’s people and invest in the culture,” Liss said. “Teaming with Where Y’Art is what made it come together. JAMNOLA is a love letter to New Orleans—her joy, her beauty and grit, her resilience. We can’t wait to share it with tourists and especially locals. The experience is really indescribable.”

A Celebration of the City

JAMNOLA is more than just an art pop-up. It’s a celebration of everything that makes New Orleans unique. The attraction is a perfect destination for families, couples, or solo travelers looking for a fun and interactive way to experience the city’s culture and history.

In addition to its exhibits, JAMNOLA hosts various special events throughout the year, including live music performances, art workshops, and cultural festivals. Visitors can check out its website for a calendar of upcoming events and to purchase tickets.

JAMNOLA is open five days a week, Thursday through Monday, with tickets available online or onsite. The attraction offers group discounts and private tours for a more personalized experience.

With its 17 interactive exhibits, live events, and celebration of the city’s culture, JAMNOLA is the perfect destination for anyone looking to discover everything that makes New Orleans one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities.

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