Top Ways to Travel Around New Orleans’ Jazzy Streets


New Orleans has much to offer regarding food, experiences, and culture. It may initially seem overwhelming, especially with each unique part of the city offering something different. This is why it is so important to know everything about the many transportation methods in New Orleans. With knowledge of every transportation possibility, visitors can make more of their trip than someone unfamiliar with New Orleans’ transportation.


Buses in New Orleans are a highly cheap option of transportation in New Orleans. Some fares are as low as $1.25 per trip, and there are also discounts for the disabled and senior citizens. The bus network spans most of the city and surrounding areas and is run by the Regional Transit Authority (RTA).


Ferries in New Orleans are one of the city’s most unique transportation methods. They provide a fantastic experience and view while traveling along the Mississippi River. Ferries run throughout the week and are a great way to experience the city differently. The fares are generally around $2, which is very cheap for such a great ride down the mighty Mississippi.


People forget about taxi services in today’s age. Everyone wants to flock to newer and more unique transportation methods, but taxis are always available in New Orleans. However, do expect to pay a bit more for taxis than other services.


Biking is an excellent option if someone wants to feel the wind on their skin while traversing the Crescent City. There are plenty of dedicated biking lanes within New Orleans’ streets, and it is also an eco-friendly option for travel. Biking in New Orleans is recommended for the non-summer months because the city can be sweltering and humid during the summer. However, if someone does choose biking as their transportation method, sunscreen, and ample hydration is recommended.

Rideshare Services

Rideshare services in New Orleans are very easily accessible. With apps like Uber, rides will arrive within fifteen minutes. Rideshares are also highly convenient when traveling in groups and very affordable. However, ridesharing has higher prices during peak use and holidays.


Walking is an excellent option if someone is looking to exercise while traversing New Orleans. For many people, New Orleans’ beauty is best experienced on foot. Most of the city’s main attractions are near each other, perfect for walking. As stated previously, with biking, the heat of New Orleans can be an issue in the summer months, so staying hydrated and wearing comfortable shoes is essential.

Travel the Fantastic City of New Orleans with Confidence

New Orleans provides visitors and residents alike with many transportation options. Providing people with opportunities like rideshare services, cycling, walking, buses, ferries, and taxis allows people to have unique experiences with every visit.

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