Top Reasons to Take a Self-Guided New Orleans Mural Tour


Of all places to experience art, New Orleans is one of the best. The city breeds artists and other talents, making it a haven for muralists. This makes New Orleans an unbelievable place to take oneself on a self-guided mural tour.

Mapping the Route

To ensure an enjoyable and efficient experience, it is of the utmost importance to plan out the route beforehand. The beautiful Bywater neighborhood, the classic Royal Street in the French Quarter, and the Marigny neighborhood are great places to start. Magazine Street and the Garden District also boast a selection of murals themselves.

Famous Murals and Artists

A colorful portrait of Louis Armstrong is located in the Central Business District and was made by Eduardo Kobra. It is known by many as their favorite mural in the city. Another favorite is a breathtaking mural of an African American girl by Brandan Odums, which resides in the Bywater. There are also many other famous murals within the Marigny by popular artist Lionel Milton.

Different Styles and Themes

Many murals showcase the culture, history, and heritage of the city. Others encompass the spirit and resilience of New Orleans through difficult times and obstacles. While exploring these murals, the beholder will recognize different art styles. From graffiti and stencil styles to wheat pasting and regular old paint, the artists of New Orleans have employed their techniques in many different ways.

Capture the Magic of New Orleans Art and History through Self-Guided Mural Tours

In the realm of street art and murals, New Orleans is one of the best places to visit in the entire country. Any art enthusiast or tourist will revel in the beauty of these breathtaking masterpieces. Exploring these vibrant works within the fantastic City of New Orleans is just an incredible experience that no one will ever forget. So come down to the Crescent City to discover the beauty of the murals throughout the jazzy streets of New Orleans.

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