The Top Reasons to Attend Southern Decadence of New Orleans 2023


Experience the stunning spectacle that is Southern Decadence this fall in the grand city of New Orleans. This event will take place from August 31 through September 4 this year. New Orleans’ annual celebration of glitz, diversity, and inclusiveness is now a wonderful tradition for locals and visitors.

All About Southern Decadence

The dynamic event of Southern Decadence fully embraces the local and surrounding LGBTQ+ community. This event fully showcases the lively spirit of the community within New Orleans through extravagant parades, activities, and parties. The celebration occurs in some of the city’s best neighborhoods and areas, including the famous French Quarter and the lively Marigny neighborhood.

Mardi Gras Similarities at Southern Decadence

One of the most anticipated parts of Southern Decadence is the elaborate and beautiful floats created for it. They are stunning and adorned with beautiful colors, decorations, and dance performances.

After Dark Activities at Southern Decadence

After dark, the city becomes one of the most renowned party hubs in the world during Southern Decadence. The bars bump music that can be heard from blocks away, and the parties are said to be electric with the Southern Decadence crowd.

Food Highlights at Southern Decadence

Not only is Southern Decadence a celebration of the LGBTQ+ community in New Orleans, but also a celebration of New Orleans’ culinary prowess. The festival joins together with the food scene of New Orleans to provide some of the most delicious eats the city has to offer. From beignets and pastalaya to po’boys and gumbo, there are many different tastes to explore at Southern Decadence.

The Southern Delight of Southern Decadence

This year’s celebration of Southern Decadence will be the best one yet. A place where all are accepted and encouraged to be themselves fully. It is truly a wonderful setting to experience the inclusivity, diversity, and hospitality of the great city of New Orleans. The impressive parades, food, nightlife scene, and fantastic live performances make Southern Decadence an event that no one should skip out on.

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