The Most Stunning Historic Homes to Visit in New Orleans this Summer


Historic estates decorate the City of New Orleans with beautiful architecture, intricate ironwork, and stunning, vibrant colorations. The Crescent City’s melting pot of cultures leaves an array of Italian, Greek Revival, French, and Victorian homes lining each neighborhood. Whether taking a stroll through the oak-shaded garden district or dancing through the streets of the French Quarter, guests will be visually pleased.

Buckner Mansion in the Garden District

At 1410 Jackson Avenue lives the Buckner Mansion, a regal two-story home lined with large white columns and a cast-iron front gate. Although the house was built in 1857 by Lewis E. Reynolds, it has undergone many restorations and still stands today. The popular TV show American Horror Story even utilized the property for filming seasons three and eight.

Women’s Opera Guild House on Prytania Street

The Women’s Opera Guild House also resides in the Garden District. In 1858, architect William A. Freret got to work designing the home on 2504 Prytania Street. The Garden District compliments the house’s Greek Revival style and subtle Queen Anne elements. Small details like the intricate glass door, cast iron railing, and Greek columns reflect the home’s history of artistic owners. Famed artists and writers Mark Twain and George Washington Cable often visited the home for weekly meetings hosted by Dr. Herman deBachellé Seebold, the owner at the time.

In their will, the last owners of the mansion donated the home to the New Orleans Opera Association. Today visitors can tour and rent out the space, with all proceeds going toward the New Orleans Opera Association.

Beauregard-Keyes Historic House and Gardens in the French Quarter

In 1826 Francois Correjolles set out to design an opulent home with French-Creole, Italian, and American influences. Emerald green shutters accent the bright white Beauregard-Keyes Historic House and Gardens on Chartres Street, deep in New Orleans’ French Quarter. The courtyard is one of the mansion’s most famed elements. Full of crisp trimmed hedges and floral accents, the courtyard is lush and timeless.

Several eccentric residents have owned the estate, but in 1945 notorious author Frances Parkinson Keyes put restoration in motion. The home is now a National Historic Landmark that serves as a museum, educating the public on the importance of historic building preservation and New Orleans’ history.

Local musicians like Amanda Shaw and Maggie Koerner often perform at events the building hosts. The historic balconies and serene fountains surrounding the home make it perfect for wedding receptions and ceremonies.

Longue Vue House and Gardens

Longue Vue House and Gardens is an elegantly preserved home to tour in Mid-City. Declared an official National Historic Landmark in 2005, the home is the only of its kind in the region. The house gives an ode to authentic country-era living in the 20th century and showcases the furnishing and art of the period.

Additionally, guests have access to guided tours, a cozy cafe, and an informative visitor center. The eight acres of professionally designed gardens contain a hands-on discovery experience for children, and the live oak-lined driveway serves as the perfect backdrop for wedding engagement photos.

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