The Comedy Scene of New Orleans is Great for a Staycation


New Orleans has a thriving comedy scene, with numerous comedy clubs and events showcasing some of the funniest local and national comedians. When planning a New Orleans staycation, a comedy show is a must-do to add to any list.

The Comedy House

One of the most popular comedy clubs in New Orleans is The Comedy House. The venue has been hosting comedy shows since 2006 and is one of the oldest comedy clubs in the city. The Comedy House has a more traditional comedy club vibe, with a stage and seating for the audience. The club regularly features local comedians and nationally recognized acts, making it an excellent spot for comedy fans.

Howlin’ Wolf

For those looking for a different comedy experience, The Howlin’ Wolf is a great option. The music venue hosts a weekly comedy showcase featuring a mix of stand-up, sketch, and improv. The atmosphere at The Howlin’ Wolf is laid back and casual, making it a great spot to grab a drink and enjoy some laughs with friends.

Hell Yes Fest

Another great event for comedy fans is the annual Hell Yes Fest. The festival features a mix of stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy and is known for attracting some of the biggest names in comedy.

Comedians Who Hail from New Orleans

There are plenty of talented comedians who started in New Orleans. Famous New Orleans comedians include industry legends Ellen DeGeneres, Garrett Morris, Harry Anderson, and Tyler Perry.

A Great Atmosphere for Growth

New Orleans welcomes and supports its community of comedians. The city’s intimate comedy scene fosters collaboration and creativity, with comedians often working together on shows and projects. The supportive atmosphere is one of the reasons why so many comedians choose to make New Orleans their home.

Staycation in New Orleans for a Night of Big Laughs in the Big Easy

For a fun staycation night, the comedy scene in New Orleans has something to offer everyone. From traditional comedy clubs to festivals, there are plenty of opportunities to catch some of the funniest comedians in the country.

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