The Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience


Visitors of New Orleans can immerse themselves in the magic of a classic fairytale while sipping on specially crafted drinks at The Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience on April 1 and 16.

What to Wear at the Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience

The Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience in New Orleans is an enchanting event that encourages attendees to dress for the occasion. Typical cocktail attire is acceptable, but whimsical and subtle nods to fairytales add something extra to the experience.

Belle’s Enchanted Rose

The event offers cocktails inspired by the beloved tale. The first is the Enchanted Rose, a beautiful and fragrant drink made with gin, elderflower liqueur, fresh lime juice, and rose water. The cocktail is served in a rose-shaped glass with a glowing LED light at the bottom to represent the enchanted rose from the Beauty and the Beast story.

Beast’s Old Fashioned

The second cocktail is the Beast’s Old Fashioned, a bold and masculine drink with rye whiskey, honey syrup, and bitters. The cocktail is garnished with a piece of smoked cinnamon and served in a glass that resembles a beast’s horn. It’s a perfect drink for those who prefer something strong and classic.

Wonderful Immersion

Cocktails are only part of the experience. The event is a magical wonderland with decorations inspired by the Beauty and the Beast story, including rose petals scattered around, candelabras on tables, and even a replica of the enchanted mirror.

Enchanting Photo Opportunities

Attendees can also take part in a special photo booth, where they can take pictures with props and backdrops inspired by Beauty and the Beast. It’s the perfect way to capture the magic of the evening and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Live Music that Sets the Tone

One of the fascinating aspects of the Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience is the live entertainment. Throughout the evening, there will be performances by talented musicians and dancers, all inspired by the fairytale.

A Magical Night in New Orleans

The Beauty and the Beast Cocktail Experience is a must-see for anyone visiting New Orleans in April. The combination of stunning cocktails, magical decorations, and live entertainment creates an unforgettable evening that will leave anyone feeling enchanted.

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