Reasons to Enjoy New Orleans’ Famous White Linen Night


When August is around the corner in New Orleans, the anticipation and excitement of its annual White Linen Night heighten. The yearly event celebrates New Orleans’ fantastic art scene, with guests wearing their best white outfits. This year’s event occurs on August 5.

The History of White Linen Night

White Linen Night in New Orleans dates back to the early 1990s. It began initially to bring the community together to celebrate New Orleans’ art. It has evolved into much more than that today. The festival has become a fantastic event showcasing the city’s best talent. Attendees are encouraged to wear their finest white linens to the event.

What Makes White Linen Night Special

The festival typically takes place around the Julia Street Arts District. All galleries and exhibits in the area are open to the public to allow guests to see the wondrous works of art the city offers. Attendees can also meet the artists responsible for these works and get to know fellow art lovers from the area. Of course, with any New Orleans event, the food options are unbelievable, which only adds to the great atmosphere of White Linen Night.

The Tradition of White Linen Night

As mentioned, one of the most significant aspects of White Linen Night is that all attending are encouraged to wear their finest white attire. The attire symbolizes that everyone is equal while giving the event an upscale feel. The finest white attire aspect adds a bit of glamor to the event and makes it feel much more special.

Supporting the Local Community at White Linen Night

White Linen Night doubles as an experience to see beautiful works by local artists and as an event to support them and the community. Many artists attend to display their art and sell some of their works which support them greatly. Local food vendors also seize the opportunity to feed the droves of attendees. By attending White Linen Night in New Orleans, people get an experience and a real chance to further the growth of the great city of New Orleans.

Preparing for White Linen Night

Planning is paramount for attending White Linen Night in New Orleans. Again the festival takes place on August 5 this year, and updates are provided consistently on the official website of White Linen Night. These updates can inform what artists will attend and any date changes if something drastic happens. As with any festival or event, arrive early to secure good parking and avoid prolonged wait times. Lastly, ensure that an appropriate white outfit is picked out weeks before the event.

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