Experience New Orleans’ Best Museums with Museum Month in New Orleans


New Orleans is entrenched in great history and culture. August offers the City of New Orleans a unique opportunity with its annual Museum Month. This event allows everyone to discover and explore New Orleans’ best museums and cultural institutions.

About Museum Month in New Orleans

Museum Month in New Orleans is a unique, month-long opportunity for people interested in history to attend the best museums in New Orleans at an affordable price. A singular Museum Month pass can be purchased, allowing visitors to explore over 15 museums throughout the Crescent City. The annual experience is an excellent opportunity for anyone with children looking for a great educational experience.

The diverse selection of museums throughout New Orleans is simply unmatched. There is something for everyone, from the world-famous National World War II Museum to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art and Contemporary Arts Center.

The Amazing Collections of Museum Month

The exhibits at New Orleans’ museums are unbelievable. The New Orleans Museum of Art has 40,000 pieces of art alone. The jaw-dropping number only scratches the surface of what awaits visitors during Museum Month.

Other museums offer exciting experiences, such as the Historic New Orleans Collection’s look into the city’s archival collections and even treasures of New Orleans. A personal favorite of many is located at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

More than Museums

Museum Month is more than just walking through exhibits. It offers much more to its patrons than that. Each participating museum offers guided tours, workshops, hands-on history lessons, lectures from history experts, and more. These side experiences can usually be found on each museum’s website. So check them out before attending to get the most out of the experience.

Ensuring a Smooth Experience During Museum Month

Planning is essential to make the most out of Museum Month in New Orleans. Be sure to purchase the Museum Month pass in advance from any participating museum or online. Remember that only one pass is needed per person for the entire month of August.

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