A Budget Trip Guide to Enjoying New Orleans


There’s simply nothing like a trip to New Orleans. However, excursions and activities cost a pretty penny these days. That said, New Orleans visitors can avoid reaching deep into their pockets to enjoy themselves.

Parade Around the French Quarter

The French Quarter is the most iconic of all areas in New Orleans. Its cobblestone streets are lined with all sorts of exciting sights. Revel in the fantastic atmosphere that it has to offer with its historic architecture, beautiful balconies, and beautiful art. Jackson Square within the French Quarter provides a great venue to see live street performances and local artists. So head to the French Quarter of New Orleans for a beautiful time.

Enjoy Live Music

When it comes to music, New Orleans is second to none, especially with live music. Most of which are accessible to the public. This makes it the perfect place for music lovers to go on a budget. Frenchmen Street is a marvelous spot to visit as it offers many clubs with low-cost or free live music every single night of the week. Free concerts are also available at many parks throughout the city, so be sure to check out each park’s website for announcements and more information.

Explore the City’s Parks

New Orleans prides itself on its beautiful parks, the most notable of which is City Park. It is 1,300 acres of wonderful greenery, beautiful ponds, and stoic oak trees. Bikes are a popular way of traversing the park and are for rent at a few places. Audubon Park is another fabulous park to visit. It is best known for its beautiful walking path and atmosphere. These parks within New Orleans are a great spot to take it easy for the day, get in touch with nature, and exercise for no cost.

Indulge in Local Cuisine

Going out to eat doesn’t have to be expensive. The City of New Orleans offers many delicious eats at a cheap price. Some to note are their famous po-boys, pralines, and beignets. The Crescent City staple foods are beloved by almost everyone who tries them. This gives excellent options for cheap eats around the city.

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