Experience New Orleans’ Best Museums with Museum Month in New Orleans

BECOME A HISTORY BUFF IN THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS THIS AUGUST WITH MUSEUM MONTH New Orleans is entrenched in great history and culture. August offers the City of New Orleans a unique opportunity with its annual Museum Month. This event allows everyone to discover and explore New Orleans’ best museums and cultural institutions. About […]

A Guide to Exploring the Local Shopping Scene of New Orleans

SUPPORT THE LOCALS AND ECONOMY BY SHOPPING WITHIN THE CITY OF NEW ORLEANS Most people can agree there are few things more fun than going on a shopping spree. Within New Orleans, there is a fantastic shopping scene aside from the already picturesque views and delicious eats. Moreover, shopping locally positively affects businesses and the […]

Yet She is Advancing: New Orleans Women and the Right to Vote Exhibition

CELEBRATE NATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY IN NEW ORLEANS WITH THE NEW ORLEANS COLLECTION National Women’s Day, celebrated every year on August 9, is an occasion that highlights the fantastic contributions and breakthroughs of women around the world. It is a day held regarding the undying spirit of women throughout history and their struggles and accomplishments. Yet […]

The Top Reasons to Attend Southern Decadence of New Orleans 2023

ATTEND THE EXTRAVAGANT FESTIVAL OF SOUTHERN DECADENCE IN NEW ORLEANS THIS FALL Experience the stunning spectacle that is Southern Decadence this fall in the grand city of New Orleans. This event will take place from August 31 through September 4 this year. New Orleans’ annual celebration of glitz, diversity, and inclusiveness is now a wonderful […]

The History of the Snowball, New Orleans’ Most Famous Treat

DIVE INTO THE ORIGINS AND INTRICACIES OF THE FAMOUS NEW ORLEANS SNOWBALL Regarding the perfect summer treat to beat the heat, New Orleans’ snowballs are the ideal snack for everyone. These icy and sweet treats are the favorite of many New Orleanians. However, few people know the origins and history of the famous New Orleans […]

Reasons to Enjoy New Orleans’ Famous White Linen Night

ATTEND THIS YEAR’S WHITE LINEN NIGHT IN NEW ORLEANS FOR AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE When August is around the corner in New Orleans, the anticipation and excitement of its annual White Linen Night heighten. The yearly event celebrates New Orleans’ fantastic art scene, with guests wearing their best white outfits. This year’s event occurs on August […]